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Farewell to VLAC Clinic Fellow Tiffany Gilmartin ’10

August 9, 2012

Tiffany's Farewell
Tiffany's Farewell

TJSL said farewell to Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic Fellow Tiffany Gilmartin ‘10 on August 8, in a special reception in the 8th floor board room.

After a highly successful yearlong term leading the veterans clinic, Gilmartin will be setting up her own practice.

“I want to thank everybody – it’s been a great experience,” said Gilmartin.  During her time as clinic fellow, the VLAC grew larger and expanded its areas of practice, on behalf of the clients of the Veterans Village of San Diego, where TJSL students work with the veterans on their legal issues.

VLAC director, Professor Steve Berenson told the group, “My ‘farewell’ to Tiffany was filled with a mixture of sadness, pride, and anticipation.  Sadness, because I will greatly miss working with Tiffany on a day to day basis.  She has done a fantastic job managing the Veterans Clinic law office over the past two years.  Her dedication and commitment to the clinic, the school, our students, and to our clients at Veterans Village has been unwavering.  Pride, because I’ve had the opportunity to witness Tiffany’s growth from a second year student in the Clinic, to a Clinic Fellow, to a licensed and now experienced California attorney with much to offer her clients.  Finally, anticipation, because I know that Tiffany is going to do fantastic things in the law as she moves on in her career.  I also think that she is going to be one of those TJSL alumni who continue to interact with the school as they move forward in their practice careers.  Indeed, I am already looking forward to having Tiffany back to help us again at Stand Down next summer.”

Gilmartin says that in her new solo practice, she will specialize in bankruptcy and family law.

In her capacity as the Law Clinic Attorney, new TJSL staff member Rebecca Nieman will be supervising the VLAC.

Congratulations and best wishes to Tiffany from everyone in the TJSL family!