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Finals Breakaway a Relaxing Experience

November 29, 2011

Finals Breakaway
Finals Breakaway
Finals Breakaway
Finals Breakaway

Thanks to the Student Services office TJSL students got a chance to break away from studying for finals.

Two massage chairs, accompanied by professional masseuses, and a variety of warm and cold snacks awaited students in the 5th floor student lounge. These special treats were made available both early and late in the day to accomodate the different schedules of the students.

“I think this event is important because it provides students with some time to take a break, breath, and refresh,” said Lisa Ferreira, Director of Student Services. “This is a very challenging time for students and unmanaged stress can have a negative impact. Students often don’t take the time to reenergize themselves.”

The event definitely rubbed some students the right way!

“Finals breakaway is great!,” Dino Crupi lL said. “Because we are sitting over a desk studying all of the time getting a 10 minute massage is ‘delicious’! All I can say is this massage is hitting all of the right spots.”

“It is a great stress reliever before finals,” said Lindsay Demery 2L. “And since I don’t go grocery shopping during finals it is good that the school is feeding me!”

Finals begin on Monday, December 5 and end on Wednesday, December 14.