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Former Navy Pilot Eric Bernsen ’12 Lands Position with Knobbe Martens

May 15, 2013

Eric Bernsen

Eric Bernsen ’12 has accepted a position as patent counsel with Knobbe Martens, one of the top intellectual property law firms in the nation.

“I am simply stoked to be at Knobbe Martens,” said Bernsen using a little surfer terminology. “Having already applied there three times, I was thrilled to get an interview, and THEN to actually receive an offer… was just AWESOME. “

This position is a dream job for Bernsen, who is doing exactly what he wants to do and he is calling upon some of the skills and experiences he gained as a NAVY helicopter pilot.

“I have to admit it was bittersweet leaving my last firm – they really are incredible people and an excellent firm – however, I am now working in the very technology that made me want to study engineering in the first place with amazing attorneys at a premier IP firm,” said Bernsen.  “I could not ask for a better opportunity at this stage of my legal career.  I have worked really hard to get here but also feel exceptionally lucky– lucky to have had the support from my advisors, school, and peers that helped me get here.  Between the IP Fellowship and the connections I was able to make through the faculty and staff, I feel like I was set up to succeed.”

“Eric has been a model for the type of student that we hoped to attract when we started the IP Fellowship four years ago,” said TJSL Professor Steve Semeraro.  “Driven and goal oriented, but always ready to help other students succeed.  It is so satisfying to see such a deserving student achieve his dream job.”

“Eric Bernsen was a leader in my course in every respect,” said TJSL Adjunct Professor Randy Berholtz, who supervises the IP Fellowship students. “He also transferred his technical skills as a helicopter pilot and leadership experience as a naval officer into the intellectually challenging world of patent and trademark law. It is no surprise to me that he has secured a job at Knobbe Martens, the best IP firm in San Diego and one of the best in the country.”

Bernsen is working at the Knobbe Martens office in Del Mar.