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From the Editor’s Desk

February 4, 2012

Please enjoy the new issue of The Jeffersonian.  Hot off the e-press.  As promised, it is at least 4% better than the previous issue.  Also, my soapbox has become much higher (see below). 

I’d like to address the articles that are featured on the homepage:

Please pay particular note to Professor Semeraro’s article regarding bar study and legal synthesis.  As many of you have noticed, Professor Semeraro is literally taking legal synth along with us students in order to get a better understanding of how the program works (and to brush up on his contracts).

Please enjoy Lindsey-Shannon Lee’s article regarding the recent SCOTUS decision on GPS tracking devices and the Fourth Amendment.  Lindsey consistently produces excellent quality work for the paper and her contributions are greatly appreciated. 

Some general and specific complaints…

Bar Passage Rates: Please stop pointing fingers—unless you are pointing the finger at yourself.  Every law student in the country knows that at the end of their 3-year program they have a test called “the bar.”  It’s not a pop-quiz; you literally have 3 years to study for it.   Yeah, I get it, California has a hard test.  But please don’t blame the school, the bar prep programs, or the professors if you don’t pass this test.  Take some personal accountability.  I’d like to see everyone pass the test but, of course, everyone won’t.     

My guess is that the people who won’t pass the bar are the ones who talk over Professors Johnson and Sccuzzo during legal synthesis, spend the class on G-chat and facebook, show up late or leave early and generally can’t comprehend the idea that how to learn is just as important as black letter law.  I could be wrong–I have been in the past. 

Generally:  I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining but I don’t see anyone really doing anything about the perceived problems.  Join the SBA or a student organization if you want to do something. Remember, a snarky facebook status isn’t going to help.