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From the Editor’s Desk

September 26, 2011

On behalf of The Jeffersonian I’d like to welcome everyone back for a new semester and a new year.  While we are still your student newspaper, we are not literally printed on paper anymore.  In an effort to go green we’ve moved completely online.  On the upside, you can now read the paper in class without the unwanted attention of unfolding it and turning pages.  On the downside, I will now have to bring my laptop with me into the men’s room when I want to read the TJSL news and some of you will have to find something else to line the bottom of your parakeet cage. 

Much work went into the creation of this webpage and the content you are now looking at.  The TJSL technology team hidden on the 6th floor did an incredible job of creating the website and working with us to make it look as fantastic as it does.  A special thanks is due to Patty Ramert for taking all of our suggestions, improving on many of them, and building this page. 

All of the writers worked very hard (or so they tell me) in order to produce smart-sounding sentences; they even went as far as to combine these sentences into what journalists and intellectuals call “paragraphs.”  The editors also earned their keep, toiling away to make the writers sound even smarter.

Thanks are also due to our SBA Vice President and Editor-In-Chief, Nancy Astifo.  Nancy worked tirelessly to, among many, many other things, ensure that no inappropriate content made it’s way to the pages of The Jeffersonian; despite my best efforts to the contrary it looks like she succeeded. 

Look for an ipad app on the horizon, as well as many other interesting and creative things from this paper.  Follow us on twitter @JeffersonianLaw.

As always we welcome contributions from students and staff.  Send us an email at

We are proud to be the only law school with an exclusively online paper and will continue to make each issue at least 7% better than the previous.            

Scott Greenwood
Managing Editor