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Game Notes from the Week of 11/18/2013 for Soccer

November 15, 2013

Game 1:

Conditions: A thrill of Pumpkin Spice GOALS In the Air

Match-Up: The Jugardores: Soccer Legends v. Malicious Tortfeasors

Score: 17-1

The Jugardores came out with a fire that even Renaldo could not quash! The goalie (Donny) for

the Malicious Tortfeasors saw so many body shots it looked like the Hard Rock on a Saturday


The Malicious Tortfeasors commented after the game that although they lost today, it is no

problem because they are training for Brazil 2014!

When the Jugardores commented to the press they were media shocked and could only

manage one word: EPIC!

Game 2:

Time: 3pm

Conditions: Some REAL stinkiness in the arena

Match- Up: #StinkyPinkies v. REAL Madrid FC

Score: 11-1

REAL Madrid and the #StinkyPinkies duked it out for the first half keeping the score relatively

close in what ended in a 10 point gap. The game went well minus a close shot from John

Young to Matt’s cohones. And from REAL Madrid came a comment about how there was just

“ something about how Bobby scored all those goals… there are just no words to describe the

beautiful feeling.”

Other comments from their team consisted of a “well fought match” and “a hope that Matt can

still have kids.”

The Stinkies did not comment other than Captain Abreu who added that he took “1 shot=1


Well said captain.

Game 3:

Time: 4pm

Conditions: A whole lot of happy feet but not quite a dozen.

Match-Up: Happy Feet v. Delman’s Dozens

Score: 4-1

This game was close and heated the whole way through, but Delman’s dozens couldn’t keep up

with the cute and shuffling Happy Feet.

Both teams declined to comment after the game.

Game 4

Time: 5pm

Conditions: Forfeits Suck!

Match-Up: 4L’s Do It Longer v. Cal West Free Agents

Score: 0-0

The Cal West Free Agents decided to shockingly! Not show up again! They heard who they had

to play and got scareddddd!

Game 5

Time: 6pm

Conditions: There was nothing to be determined about this game for Cal West #2

Match-Up: TBD v. Cal West #2

Score: 10-1

There seemed to be a lot of running but not a whole lot of goal scoring for TBD this game.

The effort that both teams gave was exhilarating and really gave the crowd something to look

forward to next week for!

Goodluck in the Championships teams!