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Getting to Know the TJSL Student Organizations

August 29, 2014

A week into the semester, TJSL’s Organization Fair, on August 25, provided incoming and returning students a study break and a great opportunity to become involved in over thirty organizations on campus.

“The organization fair is important because it provides incoming students a chance to become familiar with continuing students and activities outside of studying for exams,” said President of the Black Law Students Association Phylicia Coleman, “A lot of incoming students are either unsure of what they want to do or have absolutely no idea. Seeing and hearing from the different organizations and their missions and goals can help students discover their interests within the law.”

“Student organization fairs are important because they provide students with the opportunity to receive general information about the various student organizations on campus while being in one convenient location,” said Immigration Law Society President Vanessa Valenzuela.

“The org fair allows students to choose an area of the law that interests them and also exposes them to an area that they might not have known existed,” said ELS President Michelle Ribaudo.“The fair also allows the members of the orgs to meet new like-minded individuals and recruit new members who are passionate about the same area of law as you are. I thought the org fair was a huge success and we have a very bright and eager 1L class this year!”

Phi Alpha Delta, had over sixty students show interest. “The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta being at the organization fair is to spread the word to new students about the great organization that we have,” said Phi Alpha Delta Justice Mark Marion. “We enjoy reaching out to new prospective members and showing them that we are here to help them through this “traumatic experience” that is called your 1L year. At the org fair we were able to explain to 1L students of the benefits that come along with joining such a large and great organization. It was a great time this year!”

“The Business Law Society greatly appreciated the presence and enthusiasm of our fellow classmates at the annual student organization fair,” said Treasurer of the Business Law Society Scott Smith. We used the org fair to meet with and learn about our new 1Ls and to reinvigorate our relationships with our collagues from last year. We remember last year, when a few of us were 1Ls. The student org fair was the first chance to meet and converse with people who have similar hobbies, political views, or future interests. The support gained from these like-minded individuals really helped us feel comfortable and welcomed. Thanks to all in attendance for supporting our TJSL family.”

Like other organization board members, International Law Society President Rose Kabir found this opportunity important for students to explore their interests, “The student organization fair is important because it allows students to personally explore a number of different areas of law and find their passions. It enables students to engage in one-on-one conversations to learn about different career paths and create personal connections with those of similar interests.”

“Sharing an interest and a passion with others is the best way to make a connection. At ILS, we realize that networking doesn’t always have to be a serious affair – that’s why we try and host at least one event yearly where we can loosen our neckties and have a bit of fun,” Kabir added, highlighting and previewing for students the importance of networking and the role organizations like ILS play. “This year, we promoted our Monte Carlo Casino Night at the Org Fair, which is our annual fundraiser, with all of the proceeds raised from this event going towards a study abroad scholarship for ILS student members. We have celebrity appearances from your favorite law school professors as dealers, craps, roulette, blackjack, a Poker Tournament, “date auctions” with your possible law school crush or even a professor! And there will be raffle drawings to win prizes and much more. This event was something that people really were excited about.”

The organization fair is held at the beginning of each semester, but students are welcome to contact any organization for more information or attend a meeting to learn more about their organization of interest.