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Giving Back: The 3L Class Gift

January 10, 2015

The history and tradition of graduates giving back to their school is one that goes back hundreds of years. Some universities can trace their graduating class gifts all the way back to the inception of the school. For example, Ohio State University traces its class gift back to 1891, when the graduates gifted the school with five elm trees. Thomas Jefferson School of Law is no different, and the evidence of the gifts lines the fifth floor hall.

“By giving a 3L class gift, we are not just giving back to the school but we are creating a legacy for students, a reminder that there is a future after law school, and a whole network of students who have gone before them,” said Katie Denson, 3L and Student Bar Association President. “The 3L gift is something that we can use to promote our school.”

Denson hopes TJSL students will show their pride in the law school through their support of the 3L class gift. But she also looks forward to TJSL students continuing to show their support and pride of the school in other ways as well. In October, 3Ls were invited to an SBA meeting to generate a list of ideas for the 2015 3L class gift. Here are the final four choices:

Student Moral Fund:
As law students we work hard juggling classes, internships, jobs and home life. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this hard work leaves us feeling stressed and unappreciated. This fund will be used by the SBA on things that will make students feel appreciated and, hopefully, happier to be students of TJSL. While we don’t have enough money for the class gift to make everyone’s law school debt smaller, a free cup of coffee or tee-shirt could help perk up a students outlook on life as a TJSL student.

Used Textbook Library/Exchange:
Many graduating students have textbooks and supplements that they won’t be using after graduation. Maybe they haven’t been able to sell them or maybe they never tried. Why not put them to good use? The books will be placed in either the library or a bookshelf in the student org room for all students to use. This would be a supplement to the limited number of books that are reserved by professors for each class.

Photo Mosaic:
As there are a good number of people in the 3L class who are avid and fantastic photographers, the idea would be for everyone to submit their favorite photos of our law school experience. From back to the beginning – 1L orientation to graduation day, all 3Ls would be able to share their photos to a sight. Then various photos would be selected randomly to form a photo mosaic in the shape of Thomas Jefferson’s head. The goal would be for the mosaic to be hung on the 5th floor near the other 3L class gifted art pieces.

KIVA Loan that saves lives:
The idea is to fund a loan that would be given to a borrower for any number of ventures (generally: grow a business, pay for school). The loan is disbursed through KIVA and then when there is success, the loan is repaid and can be disbursed to a new borrower. Find out more at:

Please send an email to with your number one choice of gifts. We will let you know the winner very soon.