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IM Football Week 2

September 12, 2012

Game 1: Balls out Screamers 27; Do Work 26
Most would call this an upset, but Balls Out Screamers showed they wanted it more. Their QB, John, showed that a ripped pink shirt and a strained hammy in the first half wouldn’t deny him. He checked back in late in the game to complete a come back win. He even painfully ran for a key first down on the game winning drive. The defending champs fall to 0-2. 

Game 2: TJSL Stallions 22 Pro Boners 13
The TJSL Stallions looked more like the TJSL ponies in the first half, but they came back strong in the 2nd half to get the win. Maybe after 2 weeks Jesse will learn some of the rules so they can continue to stay unbeaten. Pro Boners continue to have a hard time getting the ball in the end zone, but if they can get it together next week they can solidify their spot in the playoffs.

Game 3: 50 Shades of Grey 26 Multiple Scoregasms 33
Almost a monster upset. With two minutes left in the game and down by 6 with the ball, 50 Shades of Grey’s captain, Zach, went down with an ankle injury. After a short delay to tend to the injury, 50 Shades of Grey immediately scored on the next play to tie it up. This is when the play of the day occurred. On the extra point try, Tom from MS came up with an interception and started to run it back. Just short of scoring, it looked like he was about to have his flag pulled when he wisely flipped the ball to Alyssa who ran in for the score. With that momentum, the Scoregasms were able to put the game away. Although they were named the favorites after last week, Multiple Scoregasms looked vulnerable this week and rumor has it Andy is going to be out of town for the playoffs.

Game 4: Snoop Lions 28 #NObama 2012 12
#NObama 2012 continues to cause controversy with their choice to wear Chick-fil-A shirts. Although they claim it was the only red shirt that they could find 15 of, it is a strange coincidence that a team named NObama is wearing the shirt of a company that donates to anti-gay hate groups. Either way, this game was never really close. Snoop Lions scored on nearly every offensive possession while NObama had some time consuming drives that ended in no points. The ambulance was called for Game 3, but somebody needed to call the whaaaaaaaaaambulance in this one to control the whining of some of NObama’s players. The most thrilling moment of the game for NObama came when Lindsay grabbed a little more than just the flag while trying to stop the ball carrier.

Game 5: Learned Hands 48 Show Us Your TD’s 12
Learned Hands looked impressive recording their second win, but the fact that the game was played 7 on 6 may have had something to do with Ben being able to run whenever he felt like it. When he did run, he showed why he was an all-everything selection in high school in Missouri. Show Us Your TD’s had a tough time pulling flags on defense and keeping possession of the ball on offense as their lack of subs killed them in the second half once again. Next week will be the true test for Learned Hands as they face fellow undefeated team Multiple Scoregasms. The winner of that game will likely earn a first round bye.

Division 1

  Division 2  
Learned Hands 2-0 (30) TJSL Stallions 2-0 (26)
Multiple Scoregasms 2-0 (46) Snoop Lions 2-0 (38)
Balls Out Screamers 1-1 (59) Pro Boners 1-1 (30)
50 Shades of Grey 0-2 (53) #NObama 2012 0-2 (46)
Do Work 0-2 (59) Show Us Your TD’s 0-2 (62)