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IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 2

November 5, 2013

Game Notes  11/3/2013

Game 1

Time: 2pm
Conditions: Happy with a feel of Malicious.
Match-Up: Happy Feet v. Malicious Tortfeasors
Score: 17-1

This game was one sided from the start as the Malicious Tortfeasors claimed and too bad it was not in their favor. Happy Feet came out stomping with an impressive 17 goals to negate any spineless talk from the forfeit of the previous week.

Happy Feet declined to comment only saying that their play spoke for them to the media.

Game 2

Time: 3pm
Conditions: A Spanish Especial Showcase
Match- Up: 4L’s Do It Longer v. REAL Madrid FC
Score: 1-10

The 4L’s must have let themselves go after last weeks domination over their opponent. REAL Madrid FC came through with some professionals straight from Spain who wore mustaches to prove it.

REAL Madrid commented that their win was attributed to the women on their team as well as the always cheery slogan of “Suns out, Guns out!”

The 4L’s declined to comment, but will surely come back next week prepared to kick some soccer bootaayyy.

Game 3

Time: 4pm
Conditions: Positivity is in the Air
Match-Up: The Jugadores: Soccer Legends v. CW #2
Score: 2-6

Game 3 started out touch and go with moves like Beckham by both sides, but quickly turned into a fierce game that proved that CW #2 was better suited for todays soccer match-up.

The Jugadores commented that they “only lost by 4… NOT 8! Baby Steps to a win!” I fully support that mentality.

Cal West #2 also oozed positivity with comments of “great ref!” (I wonder what they were slipping him to make calls in their favor), and “well organized” (thank god they did not show up last week!), and “overall very good game play”.

Thanks for such an uplifting game note, hope we can give all of that and more at next weeks games!

Game 4

Time: 5pm
Conditions: Stinky with a lot of TBD.
Match-Up: #StinkyPinkies v. TBD
Score: 4-5

Game 4 started with some major enthusiasm which quickly gave way to shouts for oxygen. TBD and #StinkyPinkies were well matched although the #SP’s had only 1 sub while TBD seemed to have endless amounts of fresh legs. The game was a close one through and through. Every goal was matched by an opposition goal- it resembled the house during the government shutdown… 1 punch for 1 punch for each side. It came down to the final minutes when the Pinkies just could not hold out for any longer and finally let one slide to let TBD gain the win.

Both teams had phenomenal plays with some heat placed behind each kick and a little grab ass with some leap frog on the side to throw the teams off their game.

Game 5

Time: 6pm
Conditions: Forfeit with a side of practice
Match-Up: Delman’s Dozens v. Cal West Free Agents
Score: 3-0

Delman’s Dozens were ready to dominate for the second week in a row when word got out that Cal West Free Agents would not be showing up. Because of this unforeseen occurrence, and luckily for the great planning of the team captain of the DD’s it became an impromptu practice session.

This should be a warning to all other teams to play Delman’s Dozens… they are prepared and practice more than you, beware.