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IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 3

November 14, 2013

Game Notes  11/11/2013

Game 1:

Time: 2pm
Conditions: Stinky with a whole lot of Pinkies
Match-Up: #StinkyPinkies v. CW Free Agents
Score: 3-0

For the 1 Cal West Free agent that showed up, he performed admirably against a wave of pink.  The Pinkies decided to still get a scrimmage in and lent 5 players to have a game of 6 on 6 to keep their skills sharp. Next week Biff- Cal West’s captain and only member will recruit his friends to have a fairer and less pink soccer team to compete.

Game 2:

Time: 3pm
Conditions: A lot of little Happy Feet… and Goals
Match- Up: Happy Feet v. TBD
Score: 13-2

Happy Feet were lacking some players but it did not slow them down with 5 goals within the first 15 minutes. Comments after the game from Happy Feet were that it was a “fun game” and “Dre League Scorer Animal”- who I can only assume they were talking about the goalie who premiered his forward striker position for 2 goals.

TBD had Brad as the MVP of his team with the only 2 goals scored for TBD. Brad also suffered a pretty bad collision that he might not walk off in time for next week but let’s hope for a quick recovery so the team can regain the MVP again for next week.

When interviewed TBD collectively agreed to “erase that game from memory.”

Game 3:

Time: 4pm
Conditions: Preemption with tufts of goals 
Match-Up: 4L’s Do It Longer v. Cal West #2
Score: 4-8

4L’s Do It Longer really knew how to handle the media this week.   Before the game they gave pre-emptory comments for both a win and a loss. So for the loss they commented that “we did not work hard enough which really showed on the field today with a 4 goal loss.

Cal West #2 had two very good strikers that did all the work.  So much so that at one point during the game they decided that instead of just scoring goals they would also play defense for the rest of the game.  

Cal West #2 declined to comment after the win.

Game 4

Time: 5pm
Conditions: So Many Legends, Not Enough Time
Match-Up: The Jugardores: Soccer Legends v. Delman’s Dozens
Score: 2-3

This was an intense game with bend- it- like- Beckham moves on defense with some Orange County Housewife levels of bickering between the two teams.

Delman’s Dozens sealed the game with 5 minutes left with a Puneet goal that moved them ahead by 1 and freed them from the never enjoyable tie.

Game 5

Time: 6pm
Conditions: Roids and Deltoids
Match-Up: Malicious Tortfeasors v. REAL Madrid FC
Score: 2-17

Even playing a player down, REAL Madrid came out with a fierceness that was seen from Bobbydihno in the back of the onion bag with a hat trick

Even REAL Madrids goalie was stellar and kept shutting down Malicious Tortfeasors strong kicks to the corners of the goal.

Malicious Tortfeasors gave it their all but it just couldn’t cut it next to the well-practiced and trained abroad (semi) pro players of REAL Madrid FC.

Administration is looking into the drug tests of REAL Madrid to make sure none of the players are on steroids.