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September 8, 2012

Game 1: Learned Hands: 2050 Shades of Gray: 18
Learned Hands got a couple of big stops when it mattered most. The players on 50 Shades of Gray had never met each other before the game and despite playing with only one girl, played well and had a shot to tie it up in the final seconds of the game, but failed on a 2-point conversion.

Game 2: TJSL Stallions: 18#NoBama2012: 13
Neither team seemed to want to take control of the game in the first half, but the TJSL Stallions finally pulled away. #NoBama2012 got over the loss with a post game meal at Chick-fil-A.

Game 3: Snoop Lions: 33; Balls out Screamers: 26
Snoop Lions struck early scoring on the first play of the game, but Balls out Screamers struck right back with a deep ball of their own. It looked like neither team wanted to play any defense until the Snoop Lions finally got a stop at the end of the game to seal the win. Hopefully the Screamers QB can find a new lucky pink shirt in time for next week’s game.

Game 4: Pro Boner14; Show Us Your TD’s: 8

The sun was out in full force for this one and it took its tole on both teams. At least one member of Pro Boners was seen puking in a trash can and Show Us Your TD’s had to forfeit early with heat stroke. TD’s gave it a good effort with only 5 players and maybe could have pulled off the win if they had some subs.

Game 5: Multiple Scoregasm: 32; Do Work: 20
The premier game on the week one schedule didn’t disappoint. Do Work are the defending champs, but are missing a few key players from last years team. Multiple Scoregasms showed their experience, as the team of 3L’s looked like the strongest team of the day. I think the ref must have had the under, because he was calling a penalty on almost every play, but even his constant whistle couldn’t keep Multiple Scoregasms from putting up 32 points.

*STANDINGS* (Points Allowed)

Division 1   Division 2  
Learned Hands 1-0 (18) Pro Boners 1-0 (8)
Multiple Scoregasms 1-0 (20) TJSL Stallions 1-0 (13)
50 Shades of Gray 0-1 (20) Snoop Lions 1-0 (26)
Do Work 0-1 (32) Show Us Your TD’s 0-1 (14)
Balls out Screamers 0-1 (33) #NoBama2012 0-1 (18)