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Intramural Sports Update

January 22, 2015

As we reach the end of the semester, we also reach the end of the intramural soccer season, which left one last opportunity for the top teams to come together and battle through the playoffs for a chance to vie for the championship. Last weekend the top teams competed for the 2014 intramural soccer championship. The field for the playoff tournament included two teams from Thomas Jefferson, the TJSL Stallions FC and Team America; and two teams from Cal Western, Barely Legal FC and Bites by Suarez.

The top four teams were loaded with talent, which gave each team a viable chance to win it all. The immense talent that made up the playoff teams made for an exciting tournament. In the end, and to the dismay of the TJSL teams, the championship game ended up being a Cal Western affair that ended in Bites by Suarez dominating Barley Legal and winning the championship 10-3. So, congratulations to Bites by Suarez on their season long domination that ended in an undefeated record and a championship.

On behalf of SBA and SBA Athletics, I would like to wish all the students good luck on their finals, and wish all students and faculty a safe and happy holiday season.

Work on your jump shot over break and come out for intramural basketball at the beginning of next semester!