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James Kiernan (3L) to Work for the US Army JAG Corps

April 22, 2014

James Kiernan April 2014

Third-year law student James Kiernan will be working for the US Army JAG Corps. Though he is not sure where exactly he will be stationed, he knows that he will initially spend some time in Fort Benning, GA and Charlottesville, VA as a part of his United States Army JAG Corps training. Excitingly, the type of law he practices will depend on the needs of the post to which he is assigned. He could be working in Legal Assistance by helping soldiers, spouses, or veterans resolve legal issues, or Kiernan could be a trial attorney prosecuting or defending service members. His first commitment with the Army will last until January 2019. Kiernan will sit for the July California State Bar Examination. 

Kiernan is excited about this opportunity because “it is something I’ve been working for since I came to law school. During college I was a Cadet with my school’s ROTC battalion. When I graduated college I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, which is the start of an Army Officer’s career, and I was given an education delay to attend law school and apply for application to the Army JAG Corps. I am really excited about the opportunity to serve my country and to do so as a member of the JAG Corps.” He also stated, “I knew this was what I wanted to do when I came to law school.”

Kiernan was able to utilize the law school resources to help him achieve his position. According to Kiernan, “Career Services, Randy Reliford in particular, were vital in helping me present the best application possible. Randy reviewed my resume and my application materials numerous times to make sure that I would submit the most competitive application possible. In addition, I was fortunate enough to have Professor Siegel, a retired Colonel of Marines write me a letter of recommendation.”

Randy Reliford, Associate Director of Career Services, commented, “Kiernan was a great student with the right attitude about his job search and a positive outlook on life. I am thrilled by his success story because he wanted to work as a JAG officer badly. Good things happen when you pursue your passion and are dedicated to your craft like Kiernan.”  

Kiernan joins a list of distinguished alumni who serve and have served the United States military. “We thank him and all of our military alumni for their service,” said Reliford.