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Joseph Willmore ’11 Opens The Willmore Law Firm

October 13, 2014

Recently profiled in, Joseph Willmore ‘11 opened The Willmore Law Firm in January of this year and has gradually gained momentum and a reputation for exceptional service. After obtaining his license in California and Arizona, Willmore’s path led him to the coveted “big law” position many law school graduates dream about. However, Willmore’s pursuit of law school was not about graduating with honors or being a law review editor, though he accomplished both. “I wanted to be an attorney from a young age, because I hate seeing people being “pushed around” and have always had a passion for helping people through difficult times.”

This desire for justice and commitment to serving clients made Willmore keenly aware when he encountered anything less than professional service. “I spent a year working at a large Phoenix-based boutique civil litigation firm. After seeing clients pay high hourly rates and get less than professional service, I was inspired to venture out and start my own practice.”

“This was a bumpy journey, but I learned a lot along the way,” Willmore said. “I returned to San Diego in the Fall of 2013 and started the Willmore Law Firm in January of 2014, as a Solo Practitioner with the Center for Solo Practitioners at TJSL.” Today, his practice encompasses family law, divorce, DUI defense, and criminal defense. Though early in his career as a solo practitioner, Willmore was named Best of the Bar by the San Diego Business Journal along with over twenty other TJSL Alumni this past July.

Willmore, who initially wanted his practice to center around criminal defense, found a stronger passion in family law. “I fell into family law and love it. It takes a certain personality to handle family law clients, particularly considering the high amount of emotional involvement present with the client. I quickly learned that I could both gracefully and successful help family law clients,” said Willmore.

“I believe it is most important to keep in mind that you are responsible for your own success,” said Willmore of the mindset that would most benefit recent graduates. “Learn to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and to be proactive and go after what you want. Sitting stagnant and expecting work, be it cases or jobs, to be handed to you is not how you will thrive and be successful.”