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Lance Henry 3L Takes on Internship with SD Councilwoman

July 11, 2013

Lance Henry (3L)
Lance Henry (3L)
Lance Henry (3L)
Lance Henry (3L)
Lance Henry (3L)

Lance Henry (3L) is a TJSL law student, a boxer, an amateur videographer and now he can add Management Intern for San Diego City Councilwoman Myrtle Cole to his list.

“Working with Ms. Cole is very exciting as she is visibly passionate about creating political change from the ground up and I am eager to be a part of her efforts,” Henry said. 

Henry says that networking and showing initiative helped to place him in the perfect position to obtain this summer internship. “Last semester, I began working closely with William Blair, who is one of Mayor Bob Filner’s staff members,” explains Henry. “Mr. Blair took me to political events and taught me how to assist political figures during public events.”

“At the time, elections for the City Council seat in the fourth district were occurring and Mr. Blair felt it would be beneficial for me to assist candidate Myrtle Cole who, if elected, would be the first African-American woman on the City Council. I assisted Ms. Cole during her campaign and she won!”

“After the elections, Councilwoman Cole ‘expressed how impressed’ she was with my efforts during her campaign and offered me a position as a Management Intern on her staff,” added Henry. “I gladly accepted.”

Henry believes being active and proactive, in particular while at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, has helped him to understand the importance of going after what he wants and doing it because he feels that it is right.

“I am learning a lot about the political fabric of San Diego, like how to get things done for large groups of people. I have always been an organizer in my community. This job gives me the professional tools to network and organize on a larger scale and to address important issues.” 

In March 2011, as a new first year student Henry led “Project Japan” on campus, which raised money for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Henry recently spent time in Hangzhou, China while participating in the TJSL study abroad program. He also is a recent recipient of the Earl B. Gilliam Scholarship, which is awarded to law students who have attained academic excellence and demonstrated a commitment to community and public service. 

“I can never fully stress how important networking is,” said Henry. “I obtained this job because of a connection I made at a business mixer. I devoted attention to the relationship and it paid off. I would advise every law student to be as active in networking and getting involved in their communities as they are in their studies.”

“My long-term goals are to be an influential figure in my community and to be someone people can rely on for help. This experience is giving me to the tools to be just that.”

Henry will graduate in December 2013.