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Las Vegas Alumni Welcome Dean Guernsey

February 5, 2014

Joe Benson ’00 and Ben Bingham ’00 hosted the Las Vegas Alumni Reception at their firm Benson & Bingham on Thursday, January 30. The reception welcomed Dean Guernsey and his wife Kathe Klare. “The reception was great because I was able to connect with alums with years of experience who provided great advice and insight of the legal profession in Las Vegas.” 

“I thought Dean Guernsey did a splendid job on providing a wealth of information about how TJSL is doing and the plans for the future,” said Linda Lam ’12. ” It was also very gracious of Benson & Bingham to host this wonderful evening. It was interesting to meet people practicing different areas of law from what I do which helped me expand my knowledge of the legal field.”

“Everyone at the event seemed to enjoy the evening with fellow TJSL alums,” Christopher Burk, Esq. ‘04 said. “It was a pleasure meeting the Dean and his lovely wife.  After a rather long day at work, it was refreshing to walk into a TJSL alumni event and socialize with 30 or so of the most prominent and influential legal professionals in Las Vegas. Thomas Jefferson has definitely planted a flag in the Southern Nevada legal community.”

Kevin Kampschror ’13 was happy to see familiar faces and shared, “The Alumni reception was a great way to reconnect with many of my classmates that live in Las Vegas. Not only do I like what direction the new Dean is taking TJSL, the reception also was a good way to start referring business to each other. I am excited about the Alumni chapter in Las Vegas.”

Since there was such a great response in Las Vegas, Macus Threats ’13 has been identified as the new alumni group leader to continue on-going gatherings and events for Nevada area alumni. Threats said, “During the first Las Vegas Alumni Reception Dean Guernsey stated that Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a place that creates opportunities. Myself and all the alums in attendance agreed that the opportunities that TJSL has afforded us are tremendous. The Las Vegas Chapter of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Association looks forward to seizing these opportunities through networking and community outreach.”