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Last Day of Class Run/Walk

May 4, 2011

Walk Run

“This is the first Last Day of Class Run,” Professor Ben Templin announced to the group of people wearing running outfits who were assembled in the TJSL lobby for the event just before noon. “This is not a race!”

Why participate?

“Because it IS the first last day of class walk,” said 3L Diana Spyridomidis. “It’s so cool that so many professors are doing it.”

“It’s just a fun end of semester event,” said 2L Andrew Poland. “It’s a chance to blow off some steam.”

Yes, it was a chance to blow off some steam. The run/walk was designed to allow students, staff and faculty to celebrate the end of classes together – with a little healthy exercise.

The run/walk was organized by Professor Ben Templin, who was joined by several professors, including Eniola Akindemowo, Ellen Waldman, Kaimi Wenger, Leah Christensen, Steve Semeraro, Maureen Markey, Julie Cromer Young, Marybeth Herald, Julie Greenberg and Marjorie Cohn.

It followed a course through the East Village to the Embarcadero and back to TJSL – and everyone hit the ground running.

“I just wanted to give an overdue thanks to everyone involved in the Last Day of Classes Run & Walk,” said Professor Templin. “We raised over $300 for PILF and had over 30 runners and walkers including professors, staff and students.” 

Sounds like the beginning of a TJSL tradition!