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LEEP Program Director Carla McEwen Has Productive Visit to Brazil

March 26, 2013

McEwen in Brazil

Dr. Carla McEwen, TJSL’s director of the LEEP Program (Legal Education and Exchange) has completed a very successful trip to Brazil to forge new alliances between Thomas Jefferson School of Law and legal organizations in more areas of Brazil.

TJSL now has associations with the bar associations in Sao Paulo and Para States, as well with Magistrates Institutions in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Maranhao and Para .  This will result in more Brazilian attorneys coming up TJSL for the very successful LEEP Program over the coming months and years.

“After two years of working, and ultimately, gaining the highest approval from Sao Paulo institutions, we have reached other Brazilian states and are one step closer to our ultimate goal of globalization,” said Dr. McEwen.

During her time in Brazil, Dr. McEwen attended a gala event in Brasilia, the 2013 Innovare Institute premiere.

The Innovare Institute is operated by the biggest communication chain in Brazil, Rede Globo (World Network).   Once a year, the Institute presents an award to the best initiative/thesis by an individual from the judicial system, a judge, prosecutor, or an attorney). It is the “Oscar” of the judicial field in Brazil.

Dr. McEwen was invited to the premiere by former Brazilian Supreme Court Chief Justice Carlos Ayres Britto, the recently appointed president of Innovare, an event that attracts the top people in Brazil’s judiciary. Justice Britto was an honored guest at TJSL’s recent Dedication Ceremony, along with U.S. Supreme Court Association Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.