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Mid-Term Breakaway….aah!

March 1, 2012

Mid-Term Breakaway
Mid-Term Breakaway

Kasey Paquette didn’t expect a free, relaxing massage when she came to law school and got ready to take her mid-term exams.
But that’s what she and other TJSL students got on March 1 at “Mid-Term Breakaway,” sponsored by Student Services.“

It was great,” said Paquette, a 1L. “It was a nice break from studying.”

“It was very relaxing,” said 1L Theresa Amen, who got her massage at the same time as Paquette. “You can definitely feel the tension float away.”

“We want to give students some relaxing time and down time,” said Angela Bayne, Assistant Director of Student Services. “The purpose is to loosen them up and ease some of the anxiety that comes with exams.”

Mission Accomplished!

The massages were provided by Massage Envy, located on K Street, about a block from the law school.

In addition to the massages, students got snacks and personal items as gifts. Hey, who doesn’t love free stuff?

All in the name of being in the best frame of mind when the students walk into the classroom to take their exams. Good luck, everybody!