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New Attorneys Swearing-In Ceremony Celebration June 2015

June 8, 2015

On Thursday, June 4, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel located at 333 W. Harbor, the State Bar Swearing-In Ceremony took place.

“Being sworn in is a great feeling,” said Marie Kathleen Maloney ‘14. “It finally felt real. It was the moment I finally felt like I could breathe deeply, take in all the success and joy, and feel truly proud of myself in all that I had accomplished. Being able to leave that ceremony and introduce myself as an attorney felt wonderful.”

In celebration of being sworn-in, Thomas Jefferson bar passers along with their families and friends came together on Thomas Jefferson’s 8th floor to mingle with Dean Guernsey, fellow bar passers, professors and staff.

“Today is one of the most exciting and proud days of my life,” said Neda Shoushtari. “I feel privileged to be sworn in to practice law in one of the most competitive and diverse states in the nation.”

Swearing-in day concludes the long process that becoming an attorney entails. Being officially sworn-in to the state and federal bars represents a culmination of hard work, dedication and an opportunity to uphold the law with dignity and respect.

“They say in law school that sometimes you can lose the forest for the trees,” said Robert del Junco ‘14. “During bar study, you focus so intently on the task at hand each day that sometimes you lose that forest because of the roller coaster bar study puts you through. Today’s events have allowed me to take a step back and appreciate all that hard work, sacrifice, and determination. To me, today is akin to one of those moments in sports where the athlete screams out loud after becoming champion. Anything is possible!” Junco plans to spend the next year getting his LLM in Tax at USD.

“Law school and becoming a licensed attorney is a long, hard journey,” said Ian Seruelo ‘14. “So to have my turn to be sworn-in as an official member of the California Bar is an exciting event. But a more important journey begins and I am now exploring my options here in San Diego.”