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New Law Review

August 4, 2010

Law Review Cover

The Thomas Jefferson Law Review issue for Spring 2010 (Volume 32, Number 2) has been published and is now available on stands around the campus.

The lead article, by Professor Clay Calvert is titled “Democracy & the Discourse of Distrust: Explaining the Hypocrisy Exposition Value in First Amendment Jurisprudence.”

Professor Calvert is the Brechner Eminent Scholar in Mass Communication in the Department of Journalism at the University of Florida and is the director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project.

The second lead article is “Improving Patent Adjudication: An Updated and Revised Survey of Practitioners’ Experience and Opinions”, by TJSL Adjunct Professor Randy Berholtz, along with Danwill Schwender, Anas Bhairi, Mary Cheney, Noelle Hanyak and Mark Huebscher, who are Thomas Jefferson students or recent graduates who and members of the Alternate Patent Dispute Resolution Project (APDRP).

The new issue also includes notes written by four law review members:

Jeffrey D. Eaton “Locked Out: The Unwary Debtor and BAPCPA’s Pre-File Credit Counseling Requirement.”

Amy W. Estrada “Saving Face From Facebook: Arriving at a Compromise Between Schools’ Concerns with Teacher Social Networking and Teachers’ First Amendment Rights”

Stephanie Sciarani “Morbid Childhood Obesity: The Pressing Need to Expand Statutory Definitions of Child Neglect.”

Sean E. Smith “Sealing Up the Problem of California’s ‘One Strike and You’re Out’ approach for Serious Juvenile Offenders.”

The Thomas Jefferson Law Review is a semiannual publication of legal scholarship by students, faculty and practitioners. Membership on the Law Review is among the highest honors available to a law student. Invitations are based on grade point average or a student’s performance in an annual writing competition.