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New TJSL Website Launched

August 20, 2010

Screen Grab

This is our brand new Thomas Jefferson School of Law website – designed to better showcase our law school and help you to get to know us and everything we offer.

We are all very excited about it!

What stands out most as you open the site is our new Thomas Jefferson School of Law logo, the heart of our new branding efforts as we prepare to move into our new Downtown Campus in January of 2011 — a new look to go with our new building.

This website is designed to be extremely user friendly and visually dynamic. At this early launching stage, the new site is still a work in progress and many new features will be added in the near future.

Go ahead — explore the website and have fun looking at our many new features.

About The Site:

”Whereas the current site served both internal and external audiences, the new site focuses on getting the message out to external audiences including potential students, the legal community, alumni, and more. To meet the needs of our enrolled students, we will be launching a new student portal in January of 2011. In the meantime students will still have access to the current site via

The new site is built on a completely new content management system that makes content authoring simpler, quicker, and open to a greater number of employees. Soon, the same system will support sites for blogs, student organizations, and specific programs while allowing content to be shared across all appropriate Web sites and the new touch screens to be launched in January.

Some features of the new site include a very dynamic homepage, greatly improved navigation and organization of content, photo albums, expanded staff and faculty bios, and connections to social networking. “

James Cooper
Director of Information Technology