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Nice Study Abroad 2015

October 25, 2015

Professor Susan Tiefenbrun runs what may be one of the best study abroad programs out there. Based out of the Nice University’s Law School on the French Riviera, students are able to choose from a colorful assortment of international law classes. I had the privilege of taking Professor Tiefenbrun’s course on international human rights and Professor Herald’s course on comparative constitutional law, both of which allowed me to broaden my legal horizons while reinforcing the law learned during 1L and 2L years.

Besides amazing curricula in the classroom, other perks for me personally included: A romantic setting for my wife and I to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary; living a block away from the beach with 80 degree water temperature; building strong relationships and lifetime friendships with the professors and students there; free French classes; three-day weekends offering opportunities to experience European art, history, and culture; and an amazing weekly lecture series including an Italian Supreme Court Justice and a French sports law doping expert involved with the Tour de France scandals.

Would I recommend the program to other students? YES. Would I do it again? YES. In fact, I am already making arrangements to return to the program during Summer 2016 to take part in the opportunity-of-a-lifetime and receive classroom instruction from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who will be teaching one of the courses!


  1. Earning 4 credits in 1 month, which count towards the International Law Certificate
  2. Make lifetime friends and strengthen your network with fellow students, faculty, and guest speakers in an intimate setting
  3. Become cultured by utilizing 3-day weekends for traveling around Europe


  1. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia did not teach in 2015, but will be teaching in 2016!!!
  2. It takes place approximately June 15 – July 15, right in the middle of summer which might interrupt summer internships
  3. Likelihood of weekend traveling is a little more than your budget allows

In my opinion, coffee boy/girl internships can wait. Hope to see some of you next Summer!