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“Obtaining Great Clients” April 2 Webinar Featuring Associate Dean William Byrnes

March 31, 2014

Advisys is sponsoring a webinar on Client Prospecting called “Cloning your Clients” with Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Associate Dean William Byrnes, the author of the newly released book National Underwriter Sales Essentials: Managing Your Agency. The webinar is Wednesday, April 2 at 8am Pacific, open to all TJSL students and alumni.

“While America is experiencing its greatest transfer of wealth, the senior level ‘baby boomer’ financial advisors are retiring out of the market,” explained Associate Dean William Byrnes. “The next five years presents substantial opportunities for this generation of attorneys and financial advisors who exercise best networking and face-to-face practices. Over the past seven years, I’ve met several very successful Thomas Jefferson alumni in the financial planning field.”

“Many young professionals unproductively spin their wheels when it comes to growing their client base,” interjected co-author Robert Bloink. “The online Thomas Jefferson graduate program is competitive because most faculty members like myself brings decades of business experience into the classroom and keep our students eye on the ball – developing their client books.

The webinar is in support of the second book by Associate Dean William Byrnes in the National Underwriter sales series, released in March: Sales Essentials: Managing Your Agency.

“The National Underwriter Sales Essentials Series combines all of the most practical, proven sales techniques advisors need to convert prospects into customers, win new business, and to grow sales,” added Rick Kravitz, Managing Director of the National Underwriter Professional Publishing Division. “The Life & Health Sales Essentials focuses on the selling skills and techniques essential to achieving success—prospecting for new business and the demands of running an agency.”

William Byrnes continued, “We invite the Thomas Jefferson students to attend the upcoming webinar wherein we will discuss topics such as How to Clone Your Clients, What`s Your Point of Difference?, The ‘Ben Franklin Method’ For Winning People Over, How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals, and Marketing to the Millennials.  I will focus on client cloning, including: asking intriguing questions, C2C qualified introductions, and client crowd sourcing.” 

“Advisys is the creator of the Back Room Technician financial planning platform,” related its President Ken Kerr. “With over 40,000 users and more than three decades of experience, Advisys has insight into the most popular and effective client presentations used today. Advisys helps its partners to be their best when face-to-face with clients and prospects.”