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Omid Rejali ’12 Overcomes Obstacles to Succeed

September 5, 2014

TJSL Alumni Omid Rejali ‘12, whom after passing the bar earlier this year opened the Rejali Law Firm. “I moved to the United States in 2003 to pursue higher education from Iran. Since then I have been pursuing my dream of becoming the first person in my family to become an attorney, which I have become.”

“I opened my practice right after I passed the bar, without any hesitation or having any second thoughts,” Rejali said. At the age of 28, Rejali is eager and passionate about his diverse practice, “The firm practices in the areas of immigration, criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation, obtaining OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) licensing, bankruptcy, estate planning, tax and business litigation,” explains Rejali.

“I love the law and have a very strong passion for it. I enjoy everything about it,” Rejali said. The many obstacles Rejali has encountered, evidence the passion and dedication with which he has pursued his career. “My journey through law school was no easy task. I had to overcome many adversities from the moment I decided to enter law school.” Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in February of 2006, Rejali admits, “I had to take the LSAT three times until I was able to enter law school.”

During law school, Rejali concurrently underwent treatment for his condition and successfully completed the rigorous curriculum. “I enjoyed every moment at TJSL; I worked for the library as an assistant manager and as a circulation desk librarian throughout the time I was there. I also worked for several professors.”

“During bar prep Professor Mike Neal and Professor Blair Matsumoto, the staff and the career services office helped me tremendously. I am forever grateful to the school for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream,” Rejali said.

After graduation, Rejali’s condition brought him up against an unexpected hurdle, “I had to take the bar exam four consecutive times, even though I knew the material very well.” Through his perseverance Rejali passed the bar during the February 2014 administration.

One of the reasons I wanted to become an attorney was because my mom always wanted to be an attorney but, because of circumstances, she was never able to. Another reason is that I have a passion for standing up for people’s rights…We live in a world where a lot of injustice takes place and if there are not people like myself and my colleagues, I’m not sure what would happen.”

When asked what advice he would give recent graduates Rejali said, “If you can’t find a job don’t sit around. There is plenty of work out there; you just need to be the person willing to do it, and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. And if you are a recent graduate who has not been able to pass the bar please come talk to me and don’t give up. There is a reason why things happen.”

Months after passing the bar, Rejali has accomplished his second dream, that of opening his own practice alongside his mother, who is working on obtaining her paralegal certificate. Rejali hopes to conquer new projects. Among them, launching a non-profit organization focused on raising mental health awareness.