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PALSD/FALSD Annual Dinner 2014

February 27, 2014

On January 30, 2014, APALSA President, Jackie Nicholas (3L), APALSA Secretary, Ashley Salas (2L) and APALSA Social Chair, Julie Houth (3L) attended the 2014 Joint Annual Dinner and Installation of Officers, Pan Asian Lawyers of San Diego (PALSD) & Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego (FALSD) at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. The event was cleverly planned the day before the Lunar New Year. Entertainment included the traditional dragon dance as well as a silent auction with profits going to the Asian American Community.

Both PALSD and FALSD are dedicated to advancing Asian Americans in the legal profession, promoting and advocating the interests of the Asian Pacific American community while preserving the culture, heritage and diversity of the Asian Pacific American Community. At this event, Outcoming Officers and Board of both PALSD and FALSD are recognized for their dedication and commitment throughout the year, while Incoming Officers and Board are sworn in. The professionals that were invited to attend include law students, lawyers and judges with very prestigious backgrounds. In addition, several awards are given to members of the Asian American legal community that are committed to uphold the law while still committed to public service. TJSL’s very own Jackie Nicholas was among the five 2014 PALSD & FALSD Scholarship Recipients. Jackie served as both the PALSD and FALSD student representative for the year of 2013.

“I am so proud and honored to be representing TJSL, APALSA and the Asian American Community in general,” says Jackie Nicholas.

“I am also incredibly humbled to be recognized by the Asian American community. I hope I continue to make my community proud.”

“I have very big shoes to fill because Jackie is amazing!” said Ashley Salas. Ashley is the new 2014 TJSL student representative for FALSD.

“I plan on applying for the PALSD/FALSD scholarship next year so I will be sure to contact Jackie when the time comes,” said Julie Houth. “It was incredible to witness Jackie receive her scholarship among the Asian American legal community. She is skilled in numerous areas and truly deserved to win.”