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Peggy Browning Fellows Represent TJSL

December 13, 2012

L to R: Ben Lewis 3L, Keynote Speaker Richard F. Griffin Jr and Ian Seruelo 1L
Keynote Speaker Richard F. Griffin Jr, National Labor Relations Board
The panel on Organized Labor and Worker Issues
Workshop on Protecting and Organizing Immigrant Workers

“After the long flight to Baltimore, I felt energized by the friendly people hosting the Peggy Browning Workers’ Rights Conference,” said Peggy Browning Scholarship winner Ben Lewis 3L after landing on Friday, October 12.

“I was honored to be among so many law students, including fellow TJSL law student Ian Seruelo, sharing a common purpose of learning more about labor and employment law.” 

Both students attended the Peggy Browning Fund’s Fourteenth Annual National Law Students Workers’ Rights Conference at the Conference Center at the Maritime Institute (just outside Baltimore, MD) on October 12 – 13, 2012.

At the conference, Lewis and Seruelo attended interactive workshops, panel discussions and the keynote address. The conference gave participants additional insight into becoming an advocate for workers and their families.

“The conference was a great learning experience particularly the different workshops,” said Seruelo 1L. “There were a total of eight workshops and each delegate can chose to participate in four. I attended the following workshops: Introduction to Basic Labor Law, The Future of Worker Mobilization, Protecting and Organizing  Immigrant Workers and Globalization and Labor Rights.”

The Peggy Browning Fund coordinates summer internship placements and subsidizes a significant portion of the students’ living expenses. 

A nonprofit organization, the Peggy Browning Fund is named after a prominent labor attorney and vigorous supporter of workers’ rights.

“I definitely encourage TJSL students interested in the Peggy Browning Fellowship to be aware of application deadlines at ,”said Lewis. “It’s a great opportunity!”