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Professor Bisom-Rapp on Employee Rights Center’s Committee

October 20, 2010


Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp recently received and accepted an invitation to serve on the Employee Rights Center’s Professional Advisory Committee. The committee meets about four times per year to provide support and advice for the Center’s staff lawyers and to assist the Center in making connections to San Diego law schools and the San Diego legal community.

“I am pleased that TJSL now has representation on the committee given our consistent financial support of the Center and the involvement of our student body with its work.” Bisom-Rapp says. “I have known ERC founding director Peter Zschiesche for years, greatly admire his innovative approach to worker rights, and am pleased to play a more formal support role for the Center than I have in the past.”

Created in 1999, the Employee Rights Center assists workers in San Diego with a range of workplace law problems, including unemployment claims, wage and hour disputes, occupational safety and health violations, and workers compensation claims. The Center operates with the assistance of law students, who work under the supervision of a lawyer. Over the years, many TJSL students have honed their advocacy skills at the ERC.