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Professor Bisom-Rapp to Appear at Seton Hall Symposium

September 6, 2011

Prof. Bisom-Rapp at Seton Hall

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp will be serving as a scholarly commentator at Seton Hall University in October as part of the Seton Hall Young Scholars’ Workshop.  The workshop is designed as a forum to provide beginning labor and employment law scholars with feedback from established scholars in the field. Professor Bisom-Rapp says she is pleased to have been asked to provide commentary on an impressive array of papers.

“This kind of event is such a joy to be part of because so many good ideas come from relatively new scholars,” said Professor Bisom-Rapp. “At the same time, I have been so lucky throughout my career to have been mentored by top flight legal academics.  Being able to play that role for others new to the field is very gratifying.”

The forum takes place Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29 at Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, New Jersey.

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