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Professor Cohn to Speak at 2011 Appellate Practice Seminar

July 26, 2011

Marjorie Cohn at SF State

Professor Marjorie Cohn will be speaking at the 2011 California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) Appellate Practice Seminar in San Francisco State University on August 20. Her area of focus will be Miranda Issues. According to Cohn, she will be speaking about the erosion of the Miranda rule since the case was decided in 1966.

“Since the Warren Court decided Miranda v. Arizona in 1966, the Court has moved to the right and steadily eroded Miranda’s protections,” Cohn said. “My presentation traces the weakening of the standards for excluding confessions from evidence based on Miranda violations.”

CACJ, an organization that comprised of over 2,000 criminal defense lawyers and allied professionals, is a strong advocate for individuals who are in need of justice in the legislature, courts and media. 

Professor Cohn is a criminal defense attorney who teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence and International Human Rights Law at TJSL. She also is a frequent commentator for local, regional, national and international media.