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Professor Delman Appointed to UCSD Medical Center Ethics Committee

November 6, 2013

Professor Joy Delman

TJSL Professor Joy Delman has accepted a position on the Ethics Committee of the UCSD Medical Center. She was asked to serve on the committee by TJSL alumna, Belinda Hein ’89, who is Director of Risk Management and Interpreter Services of UCSD Medical Center, and by Lynette Cederquist M.D., who chairs the committee.  

“The committee is an advisory body with a broad, multidisciplinary composition whose purpose is to facilitate the discussion and resolution of ethical issues arising in patient care at UCSD Medical Center,” said Professor Delman. “I am the only member who has a legal background, both in the practice of law in the area of medical malpractice, and as a professor who teaches a number of law and medicine courses, including Health Care Liability, International Bioethics, and Reproductive Justice.” Professor Delman teaches the only law school course on Reproductive Justice in San Diego.

The Ethics Committee meets at least monthly, both for the presentation of Grand Rounds as well as for the discussion of bioethical issues, and is available to consult with any patient at UCSD Medical Center or Thornton Hospital.

Professor Delman, who earned her law degree from Georgetown University, specialized in medical malpractice at a large Philadelphia law firm before moving to San Diego to join the litigation practice at San Diego’s then largest law firm.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. Her recent legal scholarship is in the area of concussion litigation.