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Professor Emeritus Julie Greenberg’s Oral History Posted

January 25, 2021

Professor Emeritus Julie Greenberg’s oral history has been posted on the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Women in Legal Education (WILE) Oral History Project webpage. An internationally recognized expert on the legal issues relating to gender, sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, her path-breaking scholarly work has been cited by state and federal courts, as well as courts in other countries. Thomas Jefferson Professor Meera Deo, who interviewed Professor Greenberg, says that her colleague was “a clear choice for inclusion in the WILE Oral History Project.”

The WILE Oral History Project began in 2014, when Professor Marina Angel (Temple University School of Law) took the first oral history, of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Professor Marie Failinger (Mitchell Hamline School of Law), who serves as the coordinator for the project, notes that the purpose of the oral histories is to “provide inspiration to newer law professors, and help them understand the personal and professional challenges women have faced in the legal academy.” There are close to 50 recordings now, including that of Professor Greenberg.

Reflecting on the interview, Dean Linda Keller remarked, “Professor Julie Greenberg shares her fascinating journey to legal academia with insight and humor. Of particular note, she discusses her rewarding community work with the intersex community and her significant contributions to this social justice movement.” Professor Greenberg notes that she is inspired when she listens “to the stories of successful women who entered legal practice and academia when the barriers seemed insurmountable.” She adds that she is “honored to be included in the collection.