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Professor Herrera Named to Statewide Judicial Committee

September 17, 2010

Prof Herrera Appointed

Professor Luz Herrera of Thomas Jefferson School of Law has been appointed to the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act Implementation Committee.

Named for the father of California First Lady Maria Shriver, The Sargent Shriver Counsel Act “requires the California Judicial Council to develop pilot projects to provide legal representation to low-income parties on critical legal issues affecting basic human needs,” according to Professor Herrera’s official letter of appointment, signed by the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court Ronald George.

“I am honored by this appointment,” said Professor Herrera. “The work of the Shriver Committee will help procure legal representation to thousands of low-income Californians that now obtain only legal information and guidance. I look forward to supporting the innovations that courts and legal services organizations will develop.”

During the two year project, several legal services agencies will be selected to provide attorneys for low-income Californians who need representation in housing-related matters, domestic violence and civil harassment retraining orders, guardianship, conservatorship or child-custody matters. The pilot projects will be designed to address “substantial inequities in timely and effect access to justice in civil cases”…which often create an undue risk of erroneous court decisions.

Professor Herrera will serve on the committee for three years.