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Professor Julie Greenberg Lectures on Intersexuality Issues at Michigan Law School

April 5, 2013

Prof. Greenberg at Michigan

The University of Michigan Law School invited Professor Julie Greenberg to deliver a lecture on the health care and legal issues affecting people with an intersex condition.  During the March 18th talk, Professor Greenberg engaged in a lively dialogue with members of the Health Law Organization, Outlaw, and the Women’s Law Association.

The presentation considered how the law—specifically sex discrimination and disability discrimination statutes—could be used to advance the interests of members of the intersex community.  During the talk, Professor Greenberg also examined how the intersex movement could form effective alliances with feminists, LGBT activists, and members of the critical disability movement to help accomplish its goals. 

“The presentation was excellent – the best I have heard in law school,” said University of Michigan law student Madeline Lewis.

Professor Greenberg, a 1979 graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, is a nationally renowned expert and author on issues affecting people with an intersex condition.