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Professor Marjorie Cohn Interviewed for New Book on Terrorism

November 27, 2012

Weapon of the Strong Cover

Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor Marjorie Cohn was interviewed for a chapter in the newly released book Weapon of the Strong, Conversations on US State Terrorism (Pluto Press).

The book is a compilation of interviews edited by by Cihan Aksan and Jon Bailes with a group of leading voices that critique United States foreign policy.  Professor Cohn was interviewed for a chapter titled “Torture as Terrorism.”

“I am honored to be included in this important book with such notable writers,” said Professor Cohn. “It will provide a valuable resource about many aspects of terrorism which can enhance our understanding of both the past and the future.”

From the Pluto Press website: “Terrorism is often thought of as a ‘weapon of the weak’ that is employed exclusively by non-state groups or specific ‘rogue states’. Far less attention is given to state terrorism carried out or sponsored by powerful democracies, most notably the United States. History shows that this state terrorism has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people.”

Weapon of the Strong analyses the forms of US state terrorism through exclusive, never before published interviews with leading commentators and theorists. The interviews explore the different aspects of state terrorism: its functions, institutional supports and the legal and moral arguments surrounding it, and consider specific case studies in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.”