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Professor Marjorie Cohn’s Latest Book

October 20, 2014

Professor Marjorie Cohn’s newest scholarly venture, Drones and Targeted Killing: Legal, Moral, and Geopolitical Issues is a compilation of essays, which discuss the legal, moral, and geopolitical aspects of drone warfare and will be available for purchase November 4, 2014. Professor Cohn edited and contributed to the book along with fourteen other professionals, activists, and scholars. 

“In this interdisciplinary collection, human rights and political activists, policy analysts, lawyers and legal scholars, a philosopher, a journalist and a sociologist examine different aspects of the U.S. policy of targeted killing with drones and other methods,” said Professor Marjorie Cohn. “It explores the legality, morality and geopolitical considerations of targeted killing and resulting civilian casualties, and evaluates the impact on relations between the United States and affected countries.”

Social and political activist, Archbishop Desmond Tutu notes in the forward, “This book provides much-needed analysis of why America’s targeted killing program is illegal, immoral, and unwise.” Like Archbishop Tutu, professors across the country consider this book to be important and timely contribution to the discussion of targeted killings. Among those that have reviewed the book are Noam Chomsky, law Professor David Cole of the Georgetown University Law Center, and law Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell of the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Cohn has lectured throughout the world on international human rights and U.S. Foreign Policy. Previous books by Professor Cohn include The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse; Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent; Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law; and Cameras in the Courtroom: Television and the Pursuit of Justice.