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Professor Semeraro Publishes Second Edition of Property Law Casebook

November 19, 2018

Professor Steven Semeraro recently published the second edition of his property law casebook entitled An Introduction to Property Law in the United States of America. Like many modern casebooks, Prof. Semeraro’s incorporates a wide variety of problems to advance the learning process. Less commonly, the publisher, Semaphore Press, offers the book on a pay-what-you-want basis. Students may download the entire book, or whatever chapters their professors assign, for free or for any price that the student chooses to pay. The publisher recommends that students pay $1 for each class session in which the book is used or $30-$40 when a book is used for the entire semester. By generating revenue for the publisher and author, this model supports the maintenance of a website providing state of the art accessibility and encouraging author support and updating. At the same time, it enables students who are struggling financially to access the latest version of the book for free.