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Professor Slomanson Honored by Columbia Law School Alumni Association

April 24, 2015

Professor William Slomanson has recently received the Columbia Law School Alumni Association’s “Most Books Authored” award. He has been invited to attend the annual Alumni Association banquet in New York City in June.

Slomanson began his LL.M. studies at Columbia Law School, just after graduating from California Western School of Law, plus a bout with the California Bar Examiners in between. He completed his LL.M. studies, followed by practicing in Los Angeles before he began teaching full time at Western State University.

Professor Slomanson has authored, co-authored, or edited 25 books during his tenure at Thomas Jefferson School of Law—mostly in California Civil Procedure and International Law. He undertook what he characterizes as his “residency,” by penning four law review articles when in law school—two at California Western, two more at Columbia Law School, and a total of 34 articles.  

He was honored by the Western State Law Review, when designated the “Godfather of Law Review.” He was also designated an “Honorary Member” of the Thomas Jefferson Law Review in 2010, an award he proudly displays in his office, along with a half-dozen other TJSL law Review appreciation awards for providing numerous article topics for TJSL Law Review writers.        

When recently asked by the Columbia Alumni Association about his Reflections on Highlights of Your Working Life, he succinctly responded: “25 books, 4 children, 1 wife, and 0 regrets.” He will soon commence the work on book #26. It will be the 7th edition of his textbook Fundamental Perspectives on International Law, which has been adopted for classroom use in 24 countries.

On looking back on his time since leaving Columbia, as he advised its Alumni Association: “I’m fortunate that my biggest success, as a teacher and author, has not been my biggest failure—given that my children are so incredibly well-adjusted.” He adds: “I should also credit my wife, who’s doing 42-to-life at my place….”