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Professor Slomanson’s 2014 Sabbatical

May 16, 2014

Professor Slomanson's 2014 Sabbatical
Professor Slomanson's 2014 Sabbatical
Professor Slomanson's 2014 Sabbatical

Professor William Slomanson was not teaching in spring 2014, a situation he describes as “hopefully being limited to when I’m on sabbatical. As long as they are paying me to stay away—and because this could be one of my last sabbaticals—I decided to make it count.”

Making it count is no joke. Professor Slomanson has substantially completed four scholarly work products, plus a major presentation. His article and three books include:

Blended Learning: A Flipped Classroom Experiment, 64 Journal of Legal Education __ (2014) (Aug. 2014), available online at

• CASES AND MATERIALS ON CALIFORNIA CIVIL PROCEDURE, 5th ed. (West, forthcoming in fall 2014), with co-authors David Levine and Rochelle Shapell (Hastings) & Instructor’s Manual & Course Web Page at

• CALIFORNIA CIVIL PROCEDURE IN A NUTSHELL, 5th ed. (West, forthcoming in fall 2014) & companion True-False /Multiple Choice webpage at

• O’CONNOR’S CALIFORNIA PRACTICE: CIVIL PRE-TRIAL, 2014 ed. (Jones-McClure, 2014 ed.), with co-editors David Levine and Hon. Michol O’Connor (ret.) 

Slomanson also presented a TED-styled talk on April 4, 2014, at American University in Washington, D.C. It was entitled “Why Flip Your Class & Macro Design Issues.” He was the opening speaker for the inaugural Igniting Legal Education Conference. His presentation will be available for viewing in early June, at

The conference organizer, Professor Michelle Pistone, provided a glowing assessment of Professor Slomanson’s presentation: “Your Flipped Class topic not only set the stage for your flipping group, but it was also an ideal inspirational message for opening this innovators’ conference, designed to change legal pedagogy. Almost 1000 people watched from the website that day and I am sure that even more will see your talk once it is published online. This is a new model for legal education conferences. I am so glad you were a part of it. We hope you’ll be back with us, and a continuing player in moving legal education to the next level. Job well done!”

Professor Slomanson expressed his appreciation for TJSL authorizing this sabbatical in the following terms: “This spring and summer have been grueling, but incredibly productive. I am honored that, in August, the teaching article that was the subject of my April presentation will be distributed to every law professor in the country. I attribute the success that I have had to TJSL’s support—exemplified by Dean Guernsey’s approval of my sabbatical. That was yet another demonstration of the commitment to the innovative and ground-breaking work for which my colleagues are so well known.