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Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp’s Exciting Sabbatical Travel Plans

March 12, 2013

Professor Susan-Bisom Rapp Sabbatical

Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp, who is on sabbatical, has some exciting travel plans over the few couple of weeks, from March 15-30.

According to Professor Bisom-Rapp:

“My first stop is Modena for the annual Marco Biagi comparative labor law conference at the University of Modena, Italy.  The link to the conference program is below.  You will see that I am the discussant for the second plenary session on transnational governance of labour relations.  Prof. Manfred Weiss (GW Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany) is chairing that plenary.  I will be summarizing and developing the intersecting themes of four papers, including one written by Prof. Janice Bellace of U Penn Wharton (immediate past chair of the ILO’s Committee of Experts).  Also on the schedule, you will see the Young Scholars’ Workshop in Labour Relations and note that I am listed as a discussant for that four-hour session for PhD students from a variety of countries.  Prof. Roger Blanpain (University of Leuven, Belgium), is chairing that session.   I helped organize the workshop this year as I did last year.  A meeting of the Marco Biagi Foundation’s international council, on which I sit, will also be held while I am in Modena. This is my seventh straight year of attendance at the Marco Biagi Foundation’s March events since 2007.

View the 2013 Marco Biaggi Conference Agenda

After Modena, I head to the University of Milan’s School of Law at the invitation of Professor Francesca Marinelli.  I have never been to Milan so am excited to see the city and its historic university.  On March 22nd, I will be giving a two-hour lecture to PhD students at the law school. My lecture will highlight anti-discrimination law in common law countries, with the United Kingdom and United States as comparators.  I will be discussing recent social science evidence that helps explain some of the trouble law has in ultimately vanquishing the phenomenon of discrimination.  I expect to pull into the lecture a lot of my and Prof. Malcolm Sargeant’s joint work on age discrimination.

The final stop on my trip is London, UK.  I arrive in London on March 23rd.  I have a few meetings to attend with Malcolm at Middlesex University Business School in North London, where he is on faculty.  Then he and I are headed to the British Library to conduct some research for a project we are scoping out.  I return to San Diego late in the evening on March 30.  After that I’ll be at home in Del Mar writing about aging and intersectionality from an international and comparative perspective.”