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Professors Bisom-Rapp and Lee Spoke at Stanford Law School

May 14, 2018

On May 10th, Associate Dean Susan Bisom-Rapp and Professor Rebecca Lee spoke at an event hosted by the Stanford Law Review. “UNLEASHing Equality: #MeToo and Sex Harassment Law” featured the authors of five essays, which will be published in June by Stanford Law Review Online. Associate Dean Bisom-Rapp presented her thoughts about the lack of efficacy of harassment training and a proposal for reform. Professor Lee spoke about what it means to lead in a diverse world. 

The other panelists were Vicki Schultz (Yale Law School), Nicole Porter (University of Toledo), Ann McGinley (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), and Y-Vonne Hutchinson (ReadySet, a diversity-focused consulting firm). The panel was introduced by Stanford’s Deborah Rhode, the Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law.  Professor Rhode has spoken at TJSL in the past. She delivered the keynote address at TJSL’s first Women and the Law Conference in 2001.