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Professors Perform in Piano Recital

September 13, 2010


Our law professors at Thomas Jefferson School of Law do a lot more than teach law – they also lead interesting lives outside the classroom.

Take professors Richard Winchester and Eniola Akindemowo who are both pianists.

On September 12, the two professors performed at a piano recital at Greene Music on Miramar Road.

“By complete coincidence, (Professor Winchester) and I started taking lessons with the same instructor at Greene Music Education Center a couple of years ago,” says Professor Akindemowo. “Our recital was at 6:00 pm yesterday (Sept 12), and our mutual instructor, Mr. Philip “J.J.” Lim was the Master of Ceremonies. The program was comprised of jazz items interspersed with a few classical pieces.

“Professor Winchester played ‘Nocturne, Op.55, No 1’ by F. Chopin, and the jazz standard ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields,” she added. “His playing was masterful and assured. I played (and sang) two jazz standards: ‘Meditation’ by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and ‘Autumn Leaves” by Jacques Prevert. The recital went well, and our performances were well received.”

And Professor Winchester says, “(Professor Akindemowo) neglects to say that her two tunes very nicely showcased her singing talents, which she has hidden from us all until now.”

Too bad we don’t have pianos in our classrooms.