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Promotion & Tenure for TJSL Professors

June 9, 2011

Promotions & Tenure
Promotions & Tenure
Promotions & Tenure
Promotions & Tenure
Promotions & Tenure

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law Board of Trustees has approved recommendations to grant tenure to three TJSL law professors and to promote a fourth. Professor Kaimipono Wenger will be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of Law and Professors Julie Cromer Young, Madeline Kass and Claire Wright will be granted tenure effective August 1, 2011.

Kaimipono Wenger

Professor Kaimipono David Wenger joined the Thomas Jefferson faculty in 2005 and teaches Business Associations, Wills and Trusts and Critical Race Theory. He has presented his research work in civil rights at a variety of events. His scholarship has been published extensively and he writes for the legal blog Concurring Opinions.  He was the organizer of TJSL’s 2010 Women and the Law Conference that focused on Women of Color and Intersectionality that was co-sponsored by UCLA School of Law’s Critical Race Studies Program.

Julie Cromer Young

Professor Julie Cromer Young joined the TJSL faculty in 2005. She teaches Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Copyright, Food & Drug Law, Intellectual Property and IP and Competition Seminar. She is a prominent scholar in the area of intellectual property, and was selected for inclusion in the Thomson West publication Intellectual Property Law Review as one of the best law review articles about intellectual property in 2006.   She is the Director of TJSL’s Center for Law and Intellectual Property.

Madeline Kass

Professor Madeline Kass has been with TJSL since 2003 and serves as the faculty advisor for the Thomas Jefferson Environmental Law Society. She teaches Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Scholarly Legal Writing, Torts and Wildlife & Marine Life Law. Professor Kass is a prominent scholar in environmental and natural resources law and is on the Editorial Board of Natural Resources and Environment.

Claire Wright

Professor Claire Wright has been with TJSL since 2003. She teaches International Trade and Developing Countries, Legal Writing, Property, World Trade Organization Law and World Trade Organization Law and China. She is a member of a committee of the American Law Institute, which publishes a review of the cases decided each year by the WTO and has worked on a variety of human rights matters for Amnesty International.  She has special expertise in world trade matters involving Mexico and China.