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Recent Alum Mark Greene Begins Career in Higher Education

May 6, 2013

Mark Scott Greene

By Randolph C. Reliford, Esq., Associate Director of Career Services

Mark Scott Greene ‘11 is embarking on a career in higher education administration. Greene has been hired by the University of California, Merced
(“UC Merced”), as its Admissions Recruitment Specialist. Having prior knowledge of UC Merced, the school’s reputation, and the benefits of working for the University of California system, Greene sought out opportunities on its website.

Greene is ecstatic about the job and his career path.

“This position allows me to play an important role in the process of helping others achieve their dream of attending college. Also, I am given the opportunity to be part of the growth of UC Merced, which is the first new American research university built in the 21st century and the newest addition to the prestigious University of California system.”

Greene believes that one of the secrets to his success was sending timely thank you emails to the employer after each of his interviews. Greene stated, “After my first interview I simply sent an email thanking the main facilitator of the interview for their time and consideration in interviewing me. I was then asked back for a second interview, so I once again made it a point to send a follow up email to those who interviewed me,
personally thanking them for the opportunity.”

His persistence and follow-up also played an important role in his obtaining the job. According to Greene,

“After the first and second interview there was a wait of a little under 2 months until I was offered the position. During this time I would contact the Assistant Director of Admissions by phone or email every 7 to 10 days to further express my interest in the position. It is an effective practice to show persistence and can set you apart from others who may not follow up and just hope to hear back from a potential employer.”

Greene notes that TJSL was helpful in his obtaining the position. Greene stated, “Reaching out to Career Services was very beneficial and I was fortunate enough to meet with Randy Reliford, who was a big help. Randy helped me to tailor my cover letter and resume specifically to the requirements of the job description. 

After our initial meeting, Randy took the time to reach out to me on numerous occasions to see if I needed help with anything. I appreciate that and it was nice to receive that kind of support.”

Greene feels that he was successful in his job search because he was persistent, and humble. The importance of sending timely thank you emails or letters cannot be overstated. A thoughtful, error free thank you letter will help you establish a reputation for being polite, humble and a team player.

If you have any questions about how to craft a thank you letter, please contact Career Services.

Please join us in congratulating Mark Scott Greene in his new position!