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SDG&E Gives Solar Power Award to TJSL

March 10, 2011

SDG&E Ceremony
SDG&E Ceremony
SDG&E Ceremony
SDG&E Ceremony

It was TJSL’s day in the sun.

In fact, it was a day to celebrate the sun and the renewable, green energy it produces from the array of solar panels on the law school’s roof, which capture San Diego’s ample sunshine and convert into energy.

The law school received a “Sustainable Communities Champions Award” and more than $111,000 in energy-efficiency incentive awards from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) on March 9, 2011 for the school’s participation in the utility’s Sustainable Communities and Savings by Design Programs.

At a ceremony, in the lobby of the new law school SDG&E presented an incentive check for $111,199.00 to TJSL Dean and President Rudy Hasl in recognition for the strides the school has made toward creating a sustainable building.   The design team, led by Carrier Johnson architect Mike LaBarre also received an incentive check — for $36,915.

Then they flipped at ceremonial switch to symbolize the energizing of the system and the electricity generated by the panels as it appeared on a solar display on the lobby’s touchscreen.

The sloping, south-facing part of the school’s chevron roof of the school’s new East Village campus is home to a 49-kilowatt photovoltaic solar energy system owned and operated by SDG&E.  The system produces clean renewable energy for the law school and the surrounding community.

From the moment the new law school was a mere concept, it was Dean Hasl’s dream to create an environmentally friendly campus.

“We are pleased with the recognition given by SDG&E for our efforts to be a model of corporate citizenship in the design of a new facility that recognizes the need for all businesses and non-profit entities to be environmentally responsible,” said Dean Hasl.  “I hope that our leadership is a catalyst for others to follow and stands as a model for our students in civic responsibility.”

The rooftop photovoltaic system is a key part of the law school’s “Going for the Gold” campaign, designed to achieve LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The new TJSL campus, which opened in January 2011, was designed and constructed to be as energy efficient as possible by employing environmentally friendly construction materials and practices.

SDG&E’S award-winning Sustainable Communities Program integrates utility owned clean energy systems such as solar, wind and fuel cells into sustainably designed and energy-efficient buildings. 

“SDG&E is committed to helping protect and preserve the environment and we are working hard to help make our region a thriving example of clean, green communities,” said W. Davis Smith, senior vice president and general counsel for SDG&E.  “We have been working with the Thomas Jefferson School of Law since 2008 to create an energy efficient structure that stands as an example for the entire educational and business community.”

It was definitely a day for TJSL to shine.

Facts About the TJSL/SDG&E Photovoltaic System:

• System size 49 kW
• Estimated annual kWh production – 85,848 kwh per year
• Will offset an estimated 4.6 percent of the building’s power requirement *
• At peak production, this clean energy system produces enough energy to power 32 homes

*Estimated usage at 1,921,277 kWh divided by the estimated annual production of 87,600 = 4.6%    (Source: SDG&E)