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Seven Thomas Jefferson Students Awarded Scholarships at La Raza Lawyers Annual Dinner

October 25, 2018

Congratulations to the TJSL students who were awarded scholarships at the annual 2018 La Raza Lawyers Annual Dinner! This event was held at the Westin Emerald Hotel in downtown San Diego on October 18, 2018.

Nineteen local law students were selected from numerous applicants to receive various scholarship awards. TJSL was well represented by the following seven award recipients (listed in alphabetical order):


• David Arreguin, La Raza Lawyers Association Scholarship ($1,000.00);
• Octavia Carson, Jose & Laura Castillo Scholarship ($1,000.00);
• Sandy Hernandez, La Raza Lawyers Association Scholarship ($2,000.00);
• Marissa Jimenez, Best Best & Krieger Scholarship ($1,000.00);
• Laura Palacios, La Raza Lawyers Association Scholarship ($2,000.00);
• Teodosio Sanchez, Jackson Lewis Scholarship ($2,000.00); and
• Leslie Santos, Antonyan Miranda Scholarship ($1,000.00).

Needless to say, these outstanding TJSL students were justifiably proud of their respective accomplishments, as evinced by the following reactions by available recipients:

Marissa Jimenez: “I was very honored to receive this scholarship. It was even more special that I got to share this night with so many other TJSL students. I would like to thank Isabel Eustaquio for encouraging me to apply for the scholarship. She has been an incredible resource for me since the start of my law school career. It was an honor to be able to show others in our legal community that Thomas Jefferson students are tenacious, determined, and exemplary. I believe in our school and the quality students that they produce.”

Teodosio Sanchez: “Receiving this scholarship has been an honor. The annual La Raza Gala Dinner was an excellent networking event. I met many attorneys from both La Raza Lawyers and Jackson Lewis (the sponsors of my scholarship). They provided me with a fresh perspective on how to approach my legal career via my engineering and math background. I am also thankful for the help and encouragement I received from TJSL, specially Career Services.”

Laura Palacios: “Something that stood out to me during cocktail hour is that an organizer told us he hoped that−with the help of these scholarships−we would be able to further pursue our actual passions and career dreams, notwithstanding financial constraints. I really appreciated that, and it was actually one of the reasons why I applied for the scholarship.”

David Arreguin: “San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association empowers the future legal minds of our community through its support and commitment. Being a recipient of the scholarship has been a great honor and will be instrumental to my legal education.”

Leslie Santos: “It is an honor to be awarded this scholarship by the SDLRLA! The work, time, and effort they put into changing the lives of the voiceless is an inspiration to all of us to keep pushing towards our own dreams of fixing the injustices in the system. I am beyond grateful for this award!”

Be sure to congratulate our new scholarship recipients when you see them. They have made TJSL proud!