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November 20, 2018

October 2018 was an extraordinary month for one of our TJSL families. Lorena Slomanson (TJSL ’03) was promoted to Development Director of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego. Lorena has directed Legal Aid’s Unlawful Detainer and TRO Clinics at the Hall of Justice and South Bay Divisions of the Superior Court for the last decade. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the San Diego County Law Library. She just completed her service as a Commissioner on the State Bar of California’s Commission on Access to Justice. Lorena is Past President of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. She credits her legal successes to TJSL in the following terms: “The stellar education I received developed my critical thinking skills as a future lawyer, while exposing me to the world of public interest law. I savored the invaluable support from staff, professors, and my peers. I am grateful and proud to be a TJSL alumnus, carrying on the school’s legacy of commitment to social justice.”

Michael Slomanson (TJSL ’05) landed the dream job of being a labor lawyer (Labor Relations Manager) at Disney’s Anaheim headquarters. The whole family has been singing “M-I-C-K-E-Y” for days, now that Mike has grasped this sparkling brass ring. In addition to his private civil law practice, Mike served as General Counsel for a local tax firm. He has also worked at various locations since graduation, mentoring students at all public school levels. Mike was most recently a Labor Relations Advocate at UCSD’s La Jolla campus, representing the University in labor matters. Mike comments that “I attribute my success to the excellent legal foundation I received at TJSL, including Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp’s Labor Law class. It did not hurt to have a particular professor−I’m trying to recall his name−whom I could always turn to for advice.” That professor (pictured above) ecstatically adds that: “Mike and Lorena’s most recent accomplishments exemplify how a TJSL education has thrust yet two more of our graduates into California’s legal limelight.”        

Bill Slomanson, TJSL Emeritus Professor, recently penned his career-capping law review article entitled California-Federal Procedural Contrast: A Proposal. His national proposal was selected for publication in Federal Rules Decisions. FRD contains leading civil procedure decisions from the nation’s federal trial courts. This particular West Reporter occasionally publishes articles by prominent judges and professors. Bill’s recommendation will thus reside in every major law library in the country. His proposal will also appear on Westlaw, which is a discrete honor for some FRD authors. As Bill reports: “I am incredibly honored by these selections. My proposal, which took only forty years of experience to craft, was peer reviewed by national contemporaries. It will be published in the most prestigious venue for a procedural reform article.”

All three family members attribute much of their success to Mrs. Ana Slomanson, who is Bill’s wife and the mother of Lorena and Michael. As they jointly affirm: “She’s been an extraordinary behind-the-scenes TJSL supporter for the last four decades. Ana has cheerfully weathered multiple law school exams, multiple bar exams, multiple law school relocations, and multiple personalities.”