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Sports Center Director: Doesn’t Hold Hope for Meaningful BCS Reform

January 11, 2012

Rod Smith on BCS

The director of TJSL’s Center for Sports Law and Policy, Professor Rod Smith, doesn’t hold much hope that the meetings being held to discuss possible restructuring of the BSC (Bowl Championship Series) to select a national college football champion will bring about the kind of change that he thinks is necessary.

The meetings began the day after Alabama defeated Louisiana State University in the BCS National Championship game that was played Monday January 9.  The game was completely lopsided.

Will the meetings produce real change?

Professor Smith feels that the BCS is more interested in protecting its band and its power than it is in academics and the welfare of the student athlete.

Here are two clips from an interview with Professor Smith:

Smith doesn’t hold out much hope for real BCS Reform

Graduation Rate Should Be a Factor in Selecting a BCS National Champion