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Spring 2011 Deans Forum presented by Student Services and the SBA

March 14, 2011

Spring 2011 Deans Forum presented by Student Services and the SBA, March 10,2011

Spring 2011 Deans Forum presented by Student Services and the Student Bar Association

By Lindsay Volk, Student Bar Association, 1L Class Representative, Sec. 2

This past Thursday, March 10, Dean Rudy Hasl invited students to attend the Spring 2011 Deans Forum. This was an opportunity for students to hear about issues relevant to our school firsthand from Dean Hasl. It was also an opportunity for students to ask all pressing questions concerning their lives and legal education here at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Dean Hasl spoke first, giving an overview of the continued work on the building. Dean Hasl said that the balconies and outside areas are still waiting on landscaping and should be available to students in the coming weeks.  The eighth floor is also nearing completion.

Dean Hasl mentioned that the school is looking forward to showing the ABA site visit team around the entire building. Dean Hasl assured attendees that the ABA site visit is a routine seven-year visit that occurs at every ABA accredited law school in the country. He said the ABA site visit team is excited to observe our new school.  Dean Hasl mentioned areas of concern for our law school of being a tuition-based law school for funding and creating more legal experience while students are in law school, and creating opportunities for graduated students in the legal community.  Dean Hasl mentioned the struggles of getting more students to engage at such Deans Forums, while mentioning some possible changes to the Student Ethics Code, which the Student Bar Association and students will have an opportunity to offer suggestions.  Dean Hasl discussed a long list of upcoming conferences, competitions, and openings of law school areas as well.

In addition to discussing the physical environment, Dean Hasl took time to address student questions about the learning environment here at Thomas Jefferson. Students voiced concerns about the grading scale and why it was changed, the recent California Bar passage rate compared to our neighboring schools, and the data the Deans use to analyze the rate.  Other concerns addressed awarding scholarship money to students who have excelled academically and in keep students at Thomas Jefferson School of Law from transferring to other law schools.  With a few comments from Deans Beth Kransberger and Eric Mitnick, Dean Hasl described Thomas Jefferson’s mission to educate and foster the learning environment for each student on the entire range of the academic curve.  Whether you have a specific question or you simply want to observe and stay up to date on important issues from the Dean’s perspective, the next Deans Forum should not be missed.